Strategic marketing

Creating clearer brand positioning and better product sales

A really great ad, a punchy headline or a hilarious social media post – all products of a direction taken long before. Because in order to create good advertising material with both meaning and added value, you need a clear positioning as a company, brand or product.

komm.passion offers both: Top-notch creative products on an equal foundation of strategic marketing considerations. The key thing here is often the analytical phase; from market and competitive analyses to trend and target-group analyses, komm.passion offers a broad portfolio of analytical tools and methods.

Decoding target groups with PAS

One powerful komm.passion tool is target group and topic analysis with PAS. PAS offers target-group structure analyses with a panel of 45,000 social media users, representatively mapped in line with the familiar Sinus/Sigma milieus. PAS also offers an extraordinary added value: An AI analyzes internet behavior to identify people’s real topics of interest, likes and dislikes. And above all, PAS answers the question: What do people really think about your company and your brand?

With PAS, komm.passion avoids the typical disadvantages of marketing surveys and “observes” company target groups directly, without surveys and their socially desirable (but unreliable) answers. What’s more, PAS is 100% GDPR-compliant.

On the basis of this deep web analysis, the next steps are the development of a suitable marketing and communications strategy – and its implementation. With komm.passion, you get all of this from a single source.

Marketing service portfolio:

  • Market, target group & competitive analyses
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Developing and staging company positioning
  • Claim, tonality and posture development
  • Corporate identity, vision, mission and purpose
  • Branding and brand consulting
  • Sales support and sales argumentation development
  • Sales promotions with qualified calls
  • Employer branding and recruiting
  • Implementation on all channels

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