We love creating – especially when it’s simple.

Creative agency

Especially when precisely this kind of creation means the hardest work. But our world is already complicated enough – and no one has been sitting around waiting to hear the brand or product messages of company X, Y or Z, let alone always keeping an open ear for it or having the desire to risk a good look at it or even a free moment to spare.

For this reason, even the most complicated problems need a perfectly fitting, easily digested message that can instantly be identified with the brand – no matter what the form or medium is. Whether it’s a 360° international campaign, a quick social media flight, a sweeping literary project, spectacular trade show even or a masterfully clever printing run: We develop extraordinary ideas that inspire our customers (and their customers) and regularly win over expert juries.

To achieve this, we take real pleasure in racking the right side of our brains (and honestly sometimes the left side, too, and occasionally both).

We put together just the right creative team for each and every briefing. And because a passion for thinking unites all of us here at komm.passion, we also get consulting and strategy involved early in the creative process and are constantly exchanging ideas and inspiring each other.

Because in the end, creative as well as innovative solutions can only really work when everyone involved has really put their heads together beforehand – especially when it comes to simple, down-to-earth creativity.