We love problems – especially when they’re difficult.

management consultancy

First off, this means taking a deeper dive – into the fundamental business logic, the technological or scientific correlations or even the sociopolitical setting.

We achieve this through a diverse variety of methods and tools as well as our own AI-enhanced web analyses. And always with one goal in mind: to develop a crystal-clear view of the real problem so that we can offer the most efficient solution.

The resulting strategy is usually simple: to find precisely the solution that is most helpful. For us, this is also usually the bridge to creative refinement and implementation.

We are a market leader in the areas of health, crisis and change processes, with vast expertise in realizing national and international projects.

Alongside the topic of reorganization, we have considerable project experience in marketing and brand architecture and help our customers achieve more intense digitalization of their communications as well as dialogue with challenging target groups – whether in business, politics or the sciences.

Additionally, komm.passion has successfully been active in the field of organizational consulting since 2005, and we offer a custom in-house agile process model especially geared toward the field of professional services. Here many approaches from disciplines like scrum and kanban are pragmatically fused together, and the model has successfully proven itself over many years of real-world application.

This also makes it possible for us to optimally interact with our creation. Because in the end, creative as well as innovative solutions can only really work when everyone involved has really put their heads together beforehand – especially when it comes to difficult problems.