Welcome to the most sustainable agency in Germany


At komm.passion, we have aligned our entire agile agency system towards developing people based on their abilities and thus using our resources as efficiently as possible. It is the opposite of wasting energy, which is what we mean by sustainable agency. Curious to find how we do that?

The komm.passion ecosystem

We started more than six years ago and transformed our system from rigid unit and team structures to an agile way of working with continuously changing roles. It enables us to adapt these roles precisely to our clients’ needs and even integrate third parties at any time, if necessary.

The prerequisite for this transformation was, and continues to be, an open mindset. Eagerness to try new things, a willingness to learn, respect and trust in our dealings with each other, as well as determination and a desire to think independently. To ensure that this transformation can fully unfold, we need one thing above all: trust. At komm.passion, we have a lot of confidence in each other: The freedom to decide and to take responsibility.

Natural efficiency

This way, we use our most important resource – ourselves – as efficiently and thus sustainably as possible. In changing roles and tasks, from trainee to management. So far, komm.passion is the only company that implements this model in such a naturally consistent way through its industry-leading agency model.

We approach all resources at komm.passion step by step and put them to the test. We are already on an exciting path here and will provide additional updates at a later date.

Sustainability requires proper conduct

We are firmly convinced that sustainability requires proper conduct and the right attitude, especially from companies. We are currently committed to vaccination as an effective response to the pandemic and have taken a clear position on this issue – in dossiers, our podcast komm.entar, and through Germany’s largest vaccination campaign, which we make available to companies free of charge for their internal communication efforts. After all, we can only defeat the coronavirus pandemic if we work together – will you join us?