Conquering new markets

ICA Traffic GmbH

Just about everyone in Germany has come into contact with the mid-sized company ICA Traffic GmbH: 70% of all ticketing systems in Germany’s public transportation are “made by ICA”. The company from Dortmund is definitely a key player in the transport sector. Now the company aims to conquer the highly competitive health sector with its disinfection robot HERO21, and has brought the communications consultants and creative experts at komm.passion on board to help.

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the topic of “disinfection” to the center of public attention. At the supermarket, at a restaurant or at the workplace, there’s no getting away from disinfectants. And this is a good thing, because they help eliminate germs and thus reduce the spread of pathogens. Within the healthcare sector, disinfection didn’t first become a relevant topic due to COVID-19. Every year in Germany, 400,000 to 600,000 people become infected by hospital germs – and 20,000 even die from it.

ICA recognized the importance of this problem and, together with the Institute for Electrical Engineering and Plasma Technology at Ruhr University Bochum, has developed a scientifically substantiated and norm-compliant UVC disinfection robot: the HERO21 (HEalth RObot 21). The HERO21 can demonstrably eliminate 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria with the help of UVC radiation – quickly, effectively and safely. In other words, the name fits. This “hero” has the capability to protect up to 600,000 people per year from infection. But even the best product can’t achieve anything if no one knows it exists. We changed this by bringing in our experience in the area of health communications.

As marketing experts, komm.passion developed the communications strategy for the HERO21, created a landing page where interested people can learn about the robot, and supported the company with its PR work. The outcome: The program quickly garnered very positive media coverage in public and professional media in Germany and beyond, as well as several inquiries from interested clinics.

Currently komm.passion is designing the sales strategy and is responsible for the creation of sales materials.