STADA Health Report goes international


STADA is one of Europe’s leading providers of generic pharmaceuticals. The company’s main focus is on strong brands with high relevance in consumers’ daily lives – from Ladival sunscreen to megasellers like Grippostad cold medicine or the sleep aid Hoggar Night. This is supported by a highly diversified portfolio as well as by innovative solutions like biosimilars.

In order to communicate its significant expertise in the area of “everyday health” to a broader audience, in 2014 the company launched the annual STADA health report in Germany. The objective was to establish and position STADA as the go-to for the health questions of tomorrow, to occupy the topic of the future of health and to develop corresponding content that STADA’s national branches across Europe could use for cross-media communications in their respective countries.

The project proved to be a total success and achieved broad positive resonance both in classic media as well as online. The trend continued to develop internationally. The interest of STADA’s national branches in going beyond single topics grew stronger and stronger.  In 2019, the company conducted a full internationalization.

Together, STADA and komm.passion revolutionized the traditional STADA health report that has been published since 2014. In 2019, the German PR campaign became a global content machine for the group’s positioning. Under the rubric of “The Future of Health,” STADA is positioning itself as the expert partner for future-oriented questions in nine core European markets.

The 2019 STADA Health Report is a study involving 18,000 participants from nine countries – Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain and the United Kingdom – and is used across the board as a key communications tool by the STADA national branches in these nine countries.

The study findings were published in what had become an international report that was presented at a major international press conference with over 50 journalists from all nine countries. Exciting comparisons between the countries now became possible. Many of the findings were also used individually as hooks for press releases, blog articles, social media posts, infographics and animations. Press statistics in Europe: Over 250 reports in European public and professional media (online, print and TV) with a total reach of over 100 million readers across Europe.

Although a rather complex tool that also has to meet high methodological standards, the international STADA Health Report was immediately shortlisted for the PR Award 2020.