Liberate Life – Patients campaign

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum

Sobi manufactures various medications for the treatment of hemophilia, a very rare blood disorder. Only about 6,000 people in Germany, for example, suffer from the disease. These people frequently make more restrictions to their lifestyles than they would have to. The goal is to create a patients campaign for this small and very specific target group. But how would that look, and how do you avoid scatter loss?

komm.passion is developing a campaign that aims to help people feel alive: With the right treatment, hemophilia patients can go virtually without restrictions in their daily lives. They can lead truly active lives.

The campaign’s bold motto: Liberate life.

For the campaign, Sobi and komm.passion worked with real patients who have had exciting experiences. These people act as role models for the hemophilia community and aim to show just how much is possible when you live with hemophilia. The content is presented in very modern visual language with strong headlines.

The campaign website tells these patients’ stories in text, photos and film. The stories are marketed to the target group over social media. To help make this a success, komm.passion used funnel logic to identify a unique custom audience including thousands of patients and their loved ones.

The outcome of the campaign proved how even small and very specific target groups can be identified over social media – when it’s done right.

After the campaign had run for about six months, a unique “hemophilia target group” crystallized. Today members click on the website content in the thousands to view other patients’ stories.

Here the content itself is key and is very well received by patients and their loved ones. While we began the initiative working with only three select patients, this has now grown to a dozen. The campaign is making waves within the hemophilia community and is even reaching the patients’ doctors to positive effect.