Freudenberg’s Global Mission Impossible

International management conference as a digital agent adventure

Freudenberg is a global tech giant with approx. 50,000 employees in 60 countries. In 2021, the company was faced with the challenge of having to digitally host the international management conference ‘Dialog’. Through a mix of interaction, exciting story telling and (brain) gymnastics, we still managed to turn the ‘Dialog 2021’ event into a unique and unforgettable experience.

In times of constant team calls and zoom meetings, it seems a Sisyphean task to make online events interesting. Nevertheless, we managed to make the ‘Dialog 2021’ event a unique and unforgettable experience through a mix of interaction, exciting story telling and (brain) gymnastics. Our digital agent adventure brought a breath of fresh air to the conference without feeling like an out-of-body experience.

Freudenberg is a global tech giant with approx. 50,000 employees in 60 countries. The international management conference ‘Dialog’ happens every three years and is a pretty big deal: special locations, special guests, special programme. Until a certain virus turned everything upside down, forcing the Dialog 2021 event to take place digitally. Anyone who has ever been to a long online meeting knows: It can drag on. So if you want to keep 450 people from all over the world happy for three days, you have to come up with something special. Ideally, it should match the themes of the event and its serious nature.

Our task was to develop a common thread that would run through the entire event, match Freudenberg’s image, but also provide excitement and variety. At the same time, the motto of digitalisation should not be left out. Digitalisation, a team from all over the world, an even spanning three days, and a seemingly impossible mission to bring it all together. But our result from these ingredients was just that: A MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

The feedback from all participants at the end of the event was overwhelming and exclusively positive. With 450 participants, we achieved 100% participation in some of the game formats. The key messages were also firmly embedded in the subsequent work sessions and thus supported the strategic work with the participants.

Mission Impossible succeeded in keeping participants engaged for three days and playfully communicating the core messages for the actual strategic work.

The project has been awarded the International German PR Award 2022 in the category ‘Internal Communication’.