Europe-wide communications for heroes

BELFOR Europe GmbH

BELFOR is one of the world’s largest damage restoration specialists and handles the necessary immediate action in cases of fire, water or storm damage. The company’s European marketing activities are managed from its German headquarters. The unique situation: Every market has different emphases in its service portfolio, which means that each of them follows different goals with different target groups. The problem from headquarters’ perspective: reactionary support instead of proactive leadership.

komm.passion developed a pan-European communications strategy and partnership model for BELFOR that addresses the diverse services and target groups of the individual countries and builds off of BELFOR’s existing hero theme. komm.passion is helping the company introduce the new strategy and mode of cooperation as well as in the area of operational implementation.

Alongside support with strategic implementation, komm.passion also helps BELFOR create marketing materials. The following advertising motifs with a hero theme were created as part of various national campaigns for industrial customers. These motifs are continually developed by komm.passion.

Additionally, komm.passion also supports the company in handling rapid turnaround requests and acute issues. BELFOR has already been providing professional disinfection and decontamination services for years – now more relevant than ever due to COVID-19. In order to create awareness of this among the target groups, komm.passion created and produced a video highlighting precisely this service at the onset of the pandemic.

We’ve already seen the first successes and positive changes in our partnership. Starting with headquarters, further countries are now getting to know – and getting inspired by – the new strategy and processes as part of an iterative process.

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