Simply Understanding.

1 A Pharma GmbH

Generics – this is the name for imitation substances whose active ingredients match already approved medications. How is it possible for a generics manufacturer without any product-side unique selling points to differentiate itself and create an identity of its own that is recognized by expert groups, patients and practitioners alike?

1 A Pharma is a generics manufacturer from Germany that markets its products without an external sales force. In 2013-14, the company considered developing the brand more intensely in Germany and positioning itself in the interests of a multichannel strategy. The discussions quickly revealed that there really wasn’t any clear-cut argument of benefit in competitive comparison and that a general repositioning was needed. At the same time, the company’s target group picture was rather vague – both with regard to the core target group of pharmacists as well as concerning the prescribing physicians. It was time to start with a new analysis.

Market research generated important insights. Among both pharmacists and doctors is a large group of people whose core need is “relief in everyday life”. This means: simple ordering processes and job tools that bring a high practical benefit. Under the claim “Simply Understanding,” we succeeded in creating a precisely suitable positioning and continuously improving the company’s market position over several years. 1 A Pharma became the authority in the simple explanation of medical topics, paired with humorous advertising.

The new corporate design: simple.

Together, we reworked the brand identity and corporate design and implemented a diverse range of measures. These included an ad campaign with unusually minimal themes, new packaging, digital as well as physical aids for doctors and pharmacists – also intended for distribution to patients (“Simply helpful” packages, “Simply understood” foldout leaflets and “Simply well advised” materials), info brochures, media work, workshops and internal communications.

Simply understanding. Simply successful.

The campaign has now been running very successfully for over six years. The company even succeeded in overtaking the market leader ratiopharm in some areas. The campaign “Simply Understanding” won both the Health Media Award in the category Brand Relaunch as well as the International German PR Prize for the best PR in marketing and sales. The complementary “Simply well advised”-campaign, which provides free services to help pharmacy teams overcome administrative hurdles, won the Gold Award in the “Non Rx, Non OTC Pharmacy Campaign” category at COMPRIX 2021. At the CommAwards 2021, it achieved the Silver Medal in the category “Health – Specialist Approach / E-Learning / Events”.