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Vaccination campaign for internal communication

United against COVID-19

Germany’s largest vaccination campaign is an internal one.
And it’s free for everyone.

Current talks revolve around low vaccine supplies and coronavirus mutations that decision makers hope to combat through extended restrictions. At the same time, internationally successful vaccination campaigns are being launched. The world is starting to hope. Europe as well as Germany may have had a slower launch, but are expected to pick up speed as we head into the summer. The major task for vaccine communication now is winning over as many people as possible. Because we can only defeat COVID-19 together.

When it comes to achieving reach as well as speed, a very simple option is available – and one that won’t cost taxpayers a penny: What kind of enormous momentum could we achieve if companies, associations and organizations at home would communicate the topic of vaccination internally with their members and employees? The dialogue would achieve a never-before-seen visibility.

We at komm.passion would like to make a small contribution to making this happen. This is why we developed the first 100% cost-free vaccine campaign. Free for internal use. Without any obligations. So that every company can model responsibility and become an ambassador for COVID-19 vaccine protection. And for what is the only feasible long-term way out of the pandemic: voluntary vaccination.

Because regardless of whether you’re a vaccine skeptic or vaccine advocate, we all want our old lives back. Laughing, celebrating and spending time together again. This motivation can unite us. And that’s the core of our idea.

But beating the coronavirus together also means making suggestions. After all, it doesn’t matter who comes up with the ultimate vaccine campaign. Certainly there are many possible solutions, and we still need a lot of factual information. Here the federal government bears particular responsibility for transparently depicting the current state of affairs. For our part, we offer dialogue forums and invite experts to participate. Many other formats are available as possible supplements.

Our aim is simply to give a push, to put our stone in the mosaic. What’s important is that the people understand the core message, question their own behavior, take part in the debate at least and hopefully allow themselves to be persuaded. If you’d like to help, you’re very welcome!

You can take a look at the film and images on this page. If you would like to use the campaign film or images for your internal communication, please write a short email to info@komm-passion.de and we will send you a download link. For you, it all comes: With no obligations. At no cost. We’d be happy to include your company logo on request. This service is also cost-free and comes with no obligations.

Here’s wishing you – and all of us – very successful vaccine communication.

Together we can beat COVID-19!


Terms of use: The image and video material hereby used are licensed from komm.passion and may only be used by third parties for the purposes of internal communication in the form provided on request.

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