What technologies do we want to live with in the future?

Federal Ministry of Education and Research / VDI IT

What consequences do new technologies have for our coexistence and our society? This is the question addressed by the ITAFORUM of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The 2-day conference with over 100 participants brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines – engineering, physics, geography, IT, philosophy, law, federal and research policy and much, much more. At ITAFORUM, they discuss how technology is changing the way we live together.

komm.passion designed the concept and worked out all details of the conference programmes for ITAFORUM and developed event formats that maximised dialogue and participation. The range of events included small group work as well as panel discussions and diverse workshop formats. In addition, the agency developed attractive documentation formats that summarised the discussions in a comprehensible way.

Moreover, the agency handled the organisational planning and realisation of the conferences, from invitation management to on-site implementation.

The ITAFORUM has become a permanent fixture within the specialist community, where experts from science, research, politics, society and business exchange ideas and discuss current issues concerning innovations and technology acceptance.