A solid success factor

From ‘Nice To Have’ to an absolute ‘Must’: The topic of sustainability has become a solid success factor. In financial supervision, ESG criteria are becoming increasingly important. If you want to attract young people as investors, customers, or employees, you need to show that you care about sustainability. And companies who can present their contribution to the sustainable value chain in a comprehensible way have a clear advantage in the debate about future regulations.

The extent to which sustainability has become a solid success factor becomes clear on the capital market with the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance). They play a key role in IPOs and financing. Nowadays, they even influence mergers, acquisitions and (partial) sales. ESG-friendly divisions are being expanded or bought outright. Conversely, companies are divesting divisions that are considered less sustainable.  

That should be reason enough to set up sustainability communication strategically. In our strategic planning, we are guided by the following key aspects:

  • Always use the term holistically – sustainability is much more than eco-CSR. The preservation of work and value creation also matters. It is about the total package of ecology, economy, ethics and social issues.
  • Show what you have – take stock and compile what your organisation is already contributing to a sustainable economy. You will quickly find out: You have more to tell than you think.
  • Outline the roadmap – are you not yet carbon neutral? The whole country is not carbon neutral yet. You will be forgiven for that. But make it clear: You are moving in that direction, and you have a roadmap.
  • Identify conflicting goals – sustainability has its price and is not always in line with the market. This is especially true in global markets. Communication must identify conflicting goals and make clear where business, politics and society can only succeed together.   
  • Be part of the solution – people and companies who avoid it lose out in the long run just like those who remain silent become part of the problem. Silence is seen as an admission of guilt. Become active. Make offers. Even if it hurts sometimes. This way you prove that you are part of the solution.

The traditional method: The sustainability report

The sustainability report compiles all of a company’s topics and facts on the subject. If it is certified and provides proof: The stories we tell are true, relevant and verified by a neutral body. The best known and most common standards are those of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the German Sustainability Code – komm.passion has already worked successfully with both standards.

For successful sustainability communication, however, the sustainability report is neither necessary nor sufficient. If you want to reach target groups, you need an active strategy that continuously tells people through all channels how the company handles resources in a sustainable way.

This can also be done without a report – by building on the five points mentioned above. But even without certification, the following applies: everything we tell must be verifiable and relevant. Greenwashing does not work. Once you have earned this reputation, it is difficult to get rid of it.

Our service portfolio:

  • Strategy development for sustainability communication (external and internal)
  • Strategic use of sustainability in political communication 
  • Strategic corporate positioning
  • Strategic management positioning (C-level)
  • Planning, implementation and moderation of stakeholder dialogues
  • Communication training for interaction with environmental authorities and NGOs
  • Sustainability reports and their certification (e.g. GRI, German Sustainability Code)
  • Sustainability survey in the company
  • Planning and implementation of sustainability projects in the company (target group: employees)
  • Omnichannel planning and implementation of sustainability communications


P.S.: By the way, komm.passion is carbon neutral – good for your supply chain.

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