Public affairs in Berlin and Brussels

The courage to take on new formats

We’ve been doing public affairs since 2000 and cover the entire political communications spectrum. We are also present for you in Brussels through the Worldcom network. We think differently about public affairs today – because the world around us is changing. Social media is redefining the playing field for public affairs. The number of channels is growing – and so are the number of potential debate drivers. Today, practically any topic can become the object of public interest – and public outrage – overnight. Professional know-how and expertise alone won’t help – tone, timing and emotionality are becoming increasingly important.

Expand your public affairs toolkit. We’re right there to help.

The courage to take on new formats

Classic PR formats? We can do that for you – and a whole lot more. Debates have long since gone digital, and political reps have relocated to the web. Serious lobbying is becoming increasingly supplemented by politainment with YouTube series, satire blogs and interactive offerings. We have the specialists to develop this content for you. But the analog classics – publishing and events – need some creative rejuvenation, too. Those who want to cut through the noise have to be more creative, more engaging and more interactive.

We’ll give you the courage to take on tomorrow’s formats (and we’ll make the formats for you, too).


Our services

  • Political measures and environment analyses
  • Strategic consulting / positioning
  • Political storytelling
  • Contact and stakeholder management
  • Creative advocacy
  • Parliamentary events (digital and physical)
  • Digital dialogue platforms
  • Conflict management and mediation