Organizational consulting

Improving structures, processes and organizations

“Agility!” comes the cry from the rooftops; “Scrum!” echoes in the streets. The whole world is talking about “newsrooms” and “flexible hierarchies” are all the rage. In complex and fast-moving times like ours, a well-functioning and flexible organization is an indisputable necessity.

With our organizational consulting services, we at komm.passion enable marketing and communications departments in companies, associations, political parties and local enterprises to future-proof their position. The focus includes both the transformation of processes and structures as well as the development of new roles for employees including the corresponding training.

At komm.passion, we’ve condensed our range of approaches toward a future-proof communications and marketing department into our specially designed organizational model. The 3A model adapts ideas from diverse organizational theories from the recent years and combines them into an organizational model for communication and marketing that is both agile and transparent. And specifically adapted to the needs, requirements and service spectrum of each department.

Not only has the 3A model served as the core foundation for a wide range of consulting projects, but it is also a live experiment for our own company. At komm.passion we’ve been working with several of the foundational ideas behind the 3A model since 2014 – not in select projects, but for the entire organization.

“Digital broadcasting station”

At komm.passion we’ve even developed a model that takes the much-cited “newsroom” an evolutionary step forward. The “digital broadcasting station”. The digital broadcasting station helps companies communicate more efficiently with their diverse target groups across multiple channels. To achieve this, communications departments “arm themselves” with large numbers of content messengers on the social web. Video content is also more strongly in focus here.

We work with the entire spectrum of models and methods in classic business consulting. And on the topics of agility and digital transformation, we go way beyond that. But one thing has become very clear to us: A model alone isn’t enough. And no model can be transferred 1:1 to every company. Because the transformation of organization and processes is never the sole product of external consulting, but always happens internally in the closest possible collaboration with the customer. Here at komm.passion we have dedicated ourselves to this creed.

Every single one of our organizational projects are about making you faster, more efficient and more flexible. This is why we share the journey from “A” for “agile” to “R” for “RACI matrix” with you – and we’ll gladly join you all the way to “Z”.

An overview of our service portfolio:

  • Organizational analyses
  • Structural and process analyses
  • Audit and workshop formats
  • Efficiency and potential analyses
  • Development of organizational models
  • Implementation and restructuring
  • Training and development

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