Employer branding

Employer brand as competitive advantage

The oft-cited “talent war” is raging. It affects not only the best minds and talents from STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), but also primarily a large number of trainees in various disciplines. For the mid term, demographic change is causing a multitude of open positions that organizations now have to fill. Virtually everyone is affected – governments, schools and universities just as much as SMEs or listed corporations.

One promising strategy for the talent war is employer branding. Through the targeted development of a differentiating employer brand and skillful internal and external positioning as an employer, companies can create tomorrow’s competitive advantage today. Employer branding doesn’t just encompass slick external trainee campaigns, but stands for the long-term strategic orientation of the company’s employer brand on the job market.

This brand should make its appearance with maximum possible integration on all relevant channels: in internal communications just as much as in HR communications, during recruiting at the job fair booth just as much as in the job listings. What’s of primary importance here is the differentiating effect of the employer brand, which should consciously serve to make the company stand out against the competition on the job market. This will be hard to pull off with “the same old story”: Instead, employer branding needs a clear edge and well-staged stories that have the desired effect in the relevant target groups.

komm.passion is thrilled to support you in your strategic employer positioning and in communicating your employer brand internally and externally or during your next major recruiting campaign. As a synthesis of a management consultancy and creative agency, we offer you strategy and creative implementation on all channels in one pair of expert hands – from job listings to the trade show booth to the ongoing management of your social media channels, we’re there for you.

Our employer branding service portfolio:

  • Strategic employer positioning
  • Target group / competitive analyses
  • Internal communication
  • HR communications
  • Recruiting and personnel marketing
  • Communications for job fairs
  • Job listings
  • Social media communications
  • Integrated employer branding campaigns

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