Digital communications & social media

Transforming challenges into digital stories

In our work, digital communications is a synthesis of analysis, strategy and creative work on the one hand and perfect adaptation to the challenges of a relevant digital environment on the other. We reject all that’s a mere clumsy digital extension. We turn material into content capital – tailored to the situation, target group and environment.

We believe that digital content for any target group, regardless of how unique or heterogeneous it is – e.g., medical specialists, politics or the widest variety of end-customer clusters – always has to be adapted and oriented to fit the specific use case or usage environment.

Or to put it simply:

We just love telling great stories in digital spaces that move the right people with the right message at precisely the right time and place. All of this is based on a profound, tool- and method-supported data/environment analysis that is translated into a thrilling creative product. This is the only way to successfully create digital storytelling that makes the decisive difference, works for the right channels and target groups and can also deliver the measurable success you need. With us you’ll find excellent craftsmanship paired with deep knowledge of online marketing.

We’d love to advise you – be it mid-process or right from the very start.

The komm.passion digital service portfolio includes:

  • Digital strategy consulting and project management
  • Digital campaign development and implementation: from image campaigns to product launches to recruiting drives
  • Social media campaigns – also for expert target groups and B2B communications
  • Social media process development and optimization – for HR, sales and marketing
  • Social media monitoring – frequently supported by tools like Talkwalker
  • Social media advertising (certified) in all relevant social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Xing, Pinterest, DocCheck, Esanum, Coliquio and many more.
  • Social media analytics with PAS
  • Google Analytics (certified)
  • Google Ads campaigns (certified)
  • YouTube advertising, including video production
  • SEO analysis with Sistrix and SEO content / reputation management
  • Influencer relations and influencer marketing
  • Website development
  • Campaigns for medical practice software and physician information systems
  • Digital sales force materials

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