Digital Health

Granular audience segmentation and customised content

Digital media give us new ways to target HCPs and patients in our communication efforts. At the same time, the place where communication is happening is changing: We now have the opportunity to address them in their free time – when they have time and are really receptive to hearing the content.

The latest studies, such as the LA-MED Study 2021, have once again confirmed that digital media are now quite natural tools for occupational information gathering. Medical professionals are not only resorting to the traditional print offerings of established publishers, but also increasingly to digital content that they consider credible and valuable for their work. This can be a company’s own website or one of the digital medical platforms where, in addition to the traditional trio of DocCheck, Esanum and Coliquio, other portals are now being created by the specialist publishers.

In larger patient campaigns, digital communication is now increasingly taking the lead alongside traditional media such as print and out-of-home. An important part of the awareness campaign takes place outdoors, but the dialogue with the target group is primarily conducted on the internet. We also reach small and very small patient target groups for rare diseases through individual targeting, for which we are constantly refining sophisticated funnel mechanisms.

The internet is even more merciless than the old print world: Communication works well if, and only if, it offers added value for the target group. We offer our clients everything from strategy to targeting to the right content.

Our digital health service portfolio:

  • Digital strategy consulting
  • Digital campaign development and implementation: from disease awareness to product launches and recruiting campaigns
  • Social media campaigns – for HCPs and medical laypersons
  • Setup and maintenance of specialist communities
  • Medical writing for digital channels
  • Content development and creation – from text to animated graphics, scrollytelling and websites, or even major film projects
  • Setup and maintenance of omnichannel newsrooms
  • Patient Influencer Research & Relations
  • Digital sales force materials

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