Social media analytics

Game Changer

The days when expensive surveys, qualitative market research and protracted purchase analyses were the only way to answer the core questions of target group analysis are over. How target groups tick, what interests and drives them, is a question they answer themselves today – online: in social networks, voluntarily and in real time. Providers who decode their social genome there will definitely end up with a differentiated target group analysis. Highly competitive markets demand clear answers to questions about customers’ living environments. Above all, brands today have to succeed at one thing: fitting into these worlds. Communications that pass the target group by are simply a cheerful waste of budget.

An exclusive application as a strategic tool

Surveys and complex observational studies or experiments are the established tools of market research. But instead of costly data hunting, digital social networks offer new possibilities: The data is already there, paving a clear path for social media analytics. This form of online market research isn’t only fast, it can also do much more than define living environments exclusively through milieus. Social media analytics deliver a high-resolution image of customer living environments – target group analysis 4.0, in other words.

How does it all work? Social network “likes” are evaluated using a unique tool. The first step is to define which “liked” pages are included in the survey. Generally, this includes sites dealing with social interests, consumer goods, hobbies, food products and entertainment. An intelligent algorithm then determines which preferences appear frequently, clusters these and compiles a ranking. This leads to the development of a social genome that can be used to create personas. Personas are target group stereotypes broken down in great detail that frequently cannot be captured by classic milieu categories and essentially generate themselves through machine processing.

Social media analytics


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