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We use the entire spectrum of analytical and design methods. We also offer proprietary tools that we have exclusively developed through years of research and project work. Pragmatic Analytic Services promise to find precisely the right mix of methods that accurately models your individual questions and needs – and directly delivers accurate results.



Frequently, especially valuable information is hidden in the company itself. We conduct employee observation and audits to enable you to capitalize on your internal knowledge supply. Additionally, with sales analysis in particular, experience has shown that the real problems first become visible in direct customer contact. For this reason, we analyze customer conversations on site and offer additional services like ghost shopping. Insider information is also vital for culture, integration and change processes. We make it visible so that the real problems can be found and solved.




Before we begin new research projects for our customers, we investigate whether suitable data is already available. We have access to secondary data from a selection of representative studies that we use as the basis for analysis that is custom-tailored to your needs. This gives you reliable data on things like the values and attitudes, lifestyles or consumer and media behavior of your target group(s). We provide you with a precise picture of how specific consumers tick, what you can expect from them and what media you can reach them on.




Want to know how successful your existing marketing and communications measures are? We evaluate these both online and offline: On the one hand we do this quantitatively, for example with the evaluation of visits, reach, conversion rates and various other KPIs. And on the other, we offer qualitative analysis by conducting media impact and customer satisfaction studies or even entire customer journeys. We then use these findings as a foundation for the development of a high-accuracy marketing and communications strategy. We’d also gladly develop your digital communications controlling system for you.




The core of a good target group analysis is the investigation of your demographics. How old are your customers? What purchasing power do they have? Where and how do they live? What are their professional and family situations? What are their desires and what guides them? For our analysis, we use both traditional models like socioeconomic segments as well as living environment models such as Acxiom Personicx™ or Kleining’s biographical living environments along with many other innovative approaches.




Milieu research combines demographic facts with the analysis of target groups’ desires, needs, attitudes, interests and lifestyles. Here as well, we consider a wide range of models and select the mix that can really provide powerful answers to your questions and best support you as you take action. Alongside conventional Sinus® and SIGMA Milieus®, this also encompasses exclusive approaches like the Super 7 Emotional Territories. These models mathematically model the sentiment structures of target groups and compare them with your brand’s emotional profile.




Want to identify your market position more precisely and know who your most dangerous competitors are? Interested in learning more about market volumes, potentials and trends? We conduct comprehensive market analyses on your behalf and work closely together with you to develop a new positioning. To achieve this, we use both existing concepts such as BSC, the Brand Steering Wheel and Blue Ocean as well as our lean and well-tested Trinity Conceptualization Model.




To analyze consumer behavior – for example concerning topics like automotive, fashion, electronics, nutrition and pharmaceuticals – we use product-specific typologies. We analyze media behavior on- and offline, both with traditional methods like statistical user circles or user typologies from the social sciences as well as in-house PAS concepts such as algorithmic social media analytics.


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