Let’s defeat Corona together

One for all

The world’s largest vaccination campaign is internal. And it's free for everyone.

Vaccination communication is ultimately quite easy. The main objective is simply to reach as many people as possible, because only together can we defeat Corona.

At komm.passion that is exactly what we want to do. That’s why we developed the first completely free vaccination campaign. As part of our komm.passion initiative for vaccination, this campaign is completely free for internal use. Every company can take responsibility and become an ambassador for the only truly effective way out of the pandemic: vaccination.

Because we all want our old lives back. To laugh together again, to celebrate together, to spend time together. This motivation unites Germany. This is the core of our idea.

Campaign Motifs

Terms of use: The image and video material used has been licensed by komm.passion and may only be used by third parties in the form shown here for internal communication.

If you would like to use the displayed video and images for your internal communication, write a short e-mail to info@komm-passion.de and we will send you a download link. Completely without obligation. Completely free of charge. If you wish, we will be happy to add your company logo.

We wish you and all of us every success with vaccination communication.

Together we can defeat Corona!