With us, the new normal will be your normal.

The new normal

Isn’t it crazy, all that’s suddenly become normal? In our private lives, our daily work – and even in the way we communicate? Especially here, the name of the game is experimentation and quick reactions, not wait and debate: High speed beats high gloss.

Welcome to the new normal.

The new normal understands faster. Thinks more creatively. Makes more practical decisions. It moves with more agility. And interconnection.And when it does, it’s grounded and integrated. Is this too much? A paradox even? Yes, but also normal. The new normal. We help you reorient your internal and external communication in line with the new normality. And we support you as you undertake the corresponding change processes – with consulting that’s strategic and implementation that’s digital, with a lot of “Action!” and professional directing.

As a fully lateral-working symbiosis of a management consultancy and creative agency, we always adapt ourselves 100% to your individual situation. To achieve this, we’ve dissolved team structures and replaced them with interdisciplinary, cross-location project communities complete with in-house film production that amorphously adapt themselves to the task at hand, making them even more powerful and flexible.

Now you see: The new normal is our normal. And together we’ll make it your normal today.

And by the way: Our new-normal way of working has twice received recognition at the International German PR Awards 2020 in the categories of “Employer Branding” and “Video”.

We’d love to share more about the new normal with you personally – feel free to reach out to us at any time!